Almost all of us are aware of the fact that to own your own website, you need 3 basic things, the first one which is the domain name, then comes the web hosting followed by a developed website. But what we all don’t know about is what exactly web hosting is and what are the various types of servers in web hosting. So let us throw some light on the topic and let us dive into the article below to uncover all about web hosting and its associated servers.

What do you mean by Website Hosting?

Website hosting is nothing but one of the most essential factors needed by any website. It is the substance of your website which is on the internet, a house of information which is stored in the online center, content like videos, images and more which is present on your website. The website hosting service providers look after the maintenance of the servers where the data associated with your website stays. Web hosting also takes care and manages the technology which allows your website to connect through the internet. 

In simple words, web hosting is a type of service that enables the individuals and the organizations to post their web page or a website on the internet. The web hosting service providers provide the essential services with the technology required for your website or webpage which is to be viewed by the viewers on the internet. The website is stored or hosted on special computers known as servers. When the web users wish to visit or view your website, they simply need to type in your website address or the domain name into the browser. After hitting the enter key the system will then connect to your servers and the website will be visible through the browser. 

cloud computing

Technically, website hosting is measured in an amount of the disk space which is prearranged on the server followed by the ‘bandwidth’ data transfer which is required for accessing the server. For instance, if you have a huge amount of client association and traffic on your website, for example, files and documents to download, you will get to the server numerous times and you’ll require more Website hosting convey space than somebody who solely sets the understandable content on their site. The more the content or items on your website, the more will be the disk space required for web hosting.

How Web Hosting can help your grow your business?

Your business website needs a web hosting service so as to publish your website on the web. Conversely, the website host providers the entrepreneurs and the business owners something which is beyond the web hosting services. For instance, normally all the web hosting organizations commonly appoint the in house technicians who have a thorough knowledge of the websites and make sure the website is up to the mark and running 24/7 on the internet. Also, when the owners of the website need guidance regarding the website or help in troubleshooting (e.g. domain name renewal, email not able to send/receive, script debuting, and things like that) the in house technicians are the go to people at that time. Due to all these reasons, a professional and an expert web hosting services provider is an essential factor required by all the website owners. This ensures a very good and a hassle free experience for all the business owners, where the business owners can completely give their time and effort in growing their business. 

Here are the types of web hosting servers which will guide you on which server plan suits your needs and help you make the right decision.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the popular and highly used web servers which allows end number of websites to use a single server at once. Normally on this type of server, you will have an idea of which websites you are sharing the resources of server with. In this server, every customer or user will have a limitation on the amount of the server resources which can be used which clearly depends on your hosting package.

The Shared Hosting Server is generally very cheap than the other servers and is a very economical solution to your needs. But, since we all know that different different companies will offer you with different different amount of space at different prices, which is why it is important to choose a web hosting service provider you can trust.

There are countless benefits of using shared hosting, for example;

  • Shared hosting is affordable

  • No maintenance required

  • Fast technical support

  • Easy to configure and host website

WordPress is the second largest used web hosting service all over the world. WordPress hosting is nothing but a kind of popular hosting which has been designed and optimized to meet the extraordinary WordPress security and performance needs.

WordPress hosting primarily contains a single click WordPress installation to enable easy and hassle free start with WordPress. While there are some of the WordPress hosts which will automatically update your WordPress software whenever required.

Let us check out some of the top benefits of WordPress Hosting

  • WordPress helps in enhancing the performance of WP websites.

  • WordPress is pre-installed to offer a plug and play environment to all the developers.

  • WordPress provides automatic updates to your site to maintain your website and keep you updated all the time.

VPS Hosting

The virtual private server is also commonly known as VPS. It is one of the famous virtualized servers. The VDS i.e. Virtual dedicated server is similar to VPS. These are technically used for both, dedicated hosting as well as shared hosting. VPS runs its own and unique OS (operating system)  where the customers can have superuser level access to that particular operating system where they can easily install various software which can run on that operating system.

Here are some of the top benefits of using Virtual private server(VPS)

  • It allows you to gain the total control of the server

  • It is less expensive even though it uses physical server

  • It offers server monitoring